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Hey, thanks for visiting. If you're struggling emotionally,
or if everything feels overwhelming, therapy can help.

Welcome, I hope this site answers some of your questions about therapy, music therapy, or what working together might be like. I am glad to speak with you so that you can see if it feels like I'm a good fit to support what you're looking for.

If you're dealing with difficult emotions, painful thoughts, self-destruction, body image/ eating issues, the effects of past or recent trauma, or if you're feeling stuck and disheartened, I have training and experience that can help.

All consultations take place over a secure video health platform. Consultations are around 20 minutes, and are free. I am now conducting sessions both virtually and in person.

Rachel Nolan psychotherapist music therapis
Winter 2024: I am booking consultations for new clients

RACHEL NOLAN: Registered Psychotherapist, Music Therapist Accredited

I offer individual verbal psychotherapy, and I offer music therapy in individual, facility

and small group sessions. Please have a look around to learn more about music therapy or psychotherapy work with me.

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Flourish Therapy Practices

the difference between a seed and a towering tree is nothing

compared to the difference between a seed and no seed.

wondering about change?
you got yourself a seed. 

let's nurture it.


music therapy

In addition to being a verbal psychotherapist, I am an accredited music therapist and am licensed to provide music therapy.


I provide music therapy in elder care, and for children and adults with communication, emotion processing, social connection or self-esteem goals. Psychotherapy clients may choose to include music therapy as a part of our verbal therapy work together.


I work with facilities or individuals, and work onsite with individuals and groups at care homes, day programs, or clients' homes, or in my downtown Hamilton clinic space.

Exclusive music therapy services are not available online.

music therapy

In music therapy, clients and I use music to support a variety of health goals

quick bio

I am a Registered Psychotherapist providing verbal psychotherapy and music therapy care in downtown Hamilton, part of the Flourish Therapy Practices co-operative clinic.

I originally trained as a music therapist, and the role of curiosity and acceptance in clients' processes in expressive therapies has influenced the way I work today as a verbal psychotherapist. I now use specific modalities in my verbal practice which are informed by what past clients in both inpatient and outpatient mental health settings have found helpful and meaningful. I believe that as a health care provider my ethics require me to fight injustice and oppression and I work to do so in making my clinical care as informed and accessible as I can.

To learn more about the clinical experience, training, lived experience and philosophy that informs my practice, please see my full Bio page, and my Psychotherapy and Music Therapy pages to learn about my specific work in these areas.

To ask me any questions you might have, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Rachel Nolan Therapist
Flourish Therapy Practices
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